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MODEVISE is a styling subscription and service based platform created by stylist and entrepreneur Kateryna Antonyuk.

MODEVISE - aims to facilitate the daily "torment" of choice ”What To Wear?”, to share the basic elements of styling, to show the ways to underline your beauty inside & out, through the elements of your wardrobe.

Defining a lady's color type

To get the most of your style by defining your body shape and color type

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Defining body shape

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- Well-defined waistline.
- Carry weight evenly in the upper part and in the lover part of the body, waist stays in place.
- Possible: larger upper part of the legs


- Slim legs.
- Carry weight around the waist area.
- Possible: full breasts.
- Possible: thick neck, shoulders and upper part of the arms.
- Possible: long legs and short torso


- Defined waistline, compare to the thighs –narrow.
- Larger upper part of the legs.
- Carry weight on the thighs and hips.
- Often: small breasts.
- Skinny upper body


- Broad shoulders.
- Wide chest.
- Slim legs.
- Carry weight on neck and in the upper part of the arms.
- Possible: full breasts.
- Possible: long legs and short torso


- Body-toned and athletic.
- Carry weight evenly on the upper part and on the lover part of the body.
- Slightly defined waistline

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